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Sonchiriya Movie

Sonchiriya (2019)

In the more or less lawless Chambal Valley in 1975, a gang of bandits led by Maan Singh are up to mischief. The lawless men, who call themselves Bhaagis (rebels), live by robbery and attack the villages in the area. Since they have previously committed a more than shameful crime, they are hunted mercilessly by the police. When Maan Singh learns about a treasure of gold that is about to change hands at a wedding reception, the target of her next heist is clear. They have no idea that it is an ambush of the police. Some of the gang members barely manage to escape and flee into the inhospitably barren surrounding area. While a dispute arises about how to proceed, they meet a woman from the lowest caste who is being hunted by a family clan. In their care there is a girl who was raped and seriously injured by the leader of that clan. The bandits see the opportunity to atone for their shameful crime.