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The Bride Who Returned from Hell Movie

The Bride Who Returned from Hell (1965)

The Bride Who Has Returned From Hell (or Bride in Hell) is an adaption of The Mistress from Melynn, a 1960 novel by Victoria Holt. The story begins when a yacht is lost at sea. Then a telephone call between male protagonist Wang Yiming (Ke Junxiong) and his cousin Gao Fengjiao (Liu Qing) reveals that Wang’s wife has perished while eloping with a neighbor. After female protagonist Bai Ruimei (Jin Mei) learns that her older sister Ruiyun – Wang’s wife – has died, Ruimei changes her identity and applies for a job as a tutor to Wang’s daughter Shuyuan in a bid to solve the mysteries surrounding her sister’s death.

Duration: 117 min

Quality: HD